Highly customised compact yarn spinning

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Indian spinning operation now much less dependent on the availability and reliability of skilled operators. Polyester Filament

Highly customised compact yarn spinning

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With 17 of the latest Rieter K 47compact spinning machines directly linked to Rieter Autoconer X6 winding units, Indian spinner Sri Bhagirath is benefiting from a higher level of automation following a recent modernisation of its plant in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The textile value chain is characterised by tough competition in terms of raw material costs, yarn prices and the fulfilment of demanding quality criteria. The unstable availability of good fibre makes it challenging to continuously spin yarns at the highest quality level and run the machines with maximum efficiency.

Compact yarns are characterised by a high tenacity, an even yarn structure, low hairiness and high yarn density which results in smooth downstream processing.  Due to the better integration of the fibres in the yarn, raw material utilisation is higher than with conventional ring spinning.

The K 47, equipped with a unique sieve drum compacting and a single-duct system for suction, produces high-quality compact yarns with much less energy for compacting in comparison to other solutions on the market. Monitoring systems, such as the Detect air guide element and the integrated ISM individual spindle monitoring system, check the running properties of each spinning position. This ensures the highest level of yarn quality and machine efficiency and reduces operator workload. Thanks to the semi-electronic drafting system, operator effort and time for parameter setting and machine adaption is reduced to a minimum.

The latest generation of Autoconer X6 machines is a significant step towards intelligent and reliable automation. Sri Bhagirath is now much less dependent on the availability and reliability of skilled operators and can process high-quality compact yarns at a very efficient and energy-saving level. The self-optimising functions of the material flow, high cycle rates of the unique optic tube inspector and the efficient upper yarn gripping are important advantages for a near-autonomous operation of the machines. The integrated SPID online-quality monitoring system also guides the operator to an off-standard spinning position in order to make corrections after the winding unit has detected faulty cops.

With the new open prism technology, Sri Bhagirath can cover the complete yarn count range with only one prism and nearly no splice parameter variations. The consistent splice quality with an average splice strength of more than 95% fulfils the highest quality requirements.

“The high-level automation with integrated monitoring systems guarantees both independence from operators and the highest quality of our compact yarns,” said Sri Bhagirath director Naveen Rander. “We have complete confidence in Rieter’s spinning and winding expertise. We see the performance advantages because everything comes from a single source – fast machine installation, excellent technological support and customised service.”

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Highly customised compact yarn spinning

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