By Sam Watson , Peninsula Pulse – December 7th, 2022

David Frykman has been woodcarving since the early 1990s. Earlier in his career, he partnered with a company in Minneapolis, who would sell reproductions of his work around the country. Now, all the carvings Frykmann sells are originals. To begin making his carved Santa ornaments, Frykman starts with a piece of local cedarwood, which he cuts in the rough shape of the ornament. Rotating Shelf

Crafting Christmas Ornaments with David Frykman - Door County Pulse

Next, Frykman starts shaping a Santa face from the wood.

Frykman does his woodcarvings at Frykman Studio Gallery, located at S. Bay Shore Drive in Sister Bay. His business partners are his son Luke and his daughter-in-law Heather, who are both local photographers. Here, Frykman adds details to the Santa face.

Once he’s done carving, Frykman paints the ornaments. In addition to being a woodcarver, he’s also an oil painter, and his skills help here. Hooks are added and the ornaments are ready.

In addition to his carved ornaments, Frykman makes ornaments with a laser machine, using wood from the old Eagle Tower that was taken down in 2016 at the Peninsula State Park. These ornaments start out as 2-D drawings, which are then converted to a language that can be read by the laser machine. The laser machine is also used to make light boxes and puzzles at Frykman Studio Gallery.

“Loon with Babies Behind” Photo by Heather Harle Frykman and Lucas Frykman

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Crafting Christmas Ornaments with David Frykman - Door County Pulse

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