23 disco ball decor and fashion trends to shop for 2023

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Long before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve this year, the shiny mirror balls hit the town and are being showcased in homes, too, thanks to the latest TikTok trend. Dog Garbage Bag

23 disco ball decor and fashion trends to shop for 2023

Disco ball fever is upon us and we don’t want to find a cure. Instead, we are actively looking for ways to incorporate the trend into our outfits and home decor.

As seen on the viral video app, many on TikTok have taken to the trend, some going the DIY approach with mini mirror ball stickers, while others are hitting up Urban Outfitters and local boutiques to find all that glitters.

Don’t have a crafty side but want to get in on the disco sensation? We got you, with the below finds, sorted by fashion and decor for your home. Plus, shop now and pay attention to shipping deadlines, as many of these items make for great holiday gifts and New Year’s Eve inspiration for a sparkly and on-trend 2023.

Time to disco with your drink! This adorable ice bucket from Urban Outfitters gets the party started, making for a functional piece of decor at any gathering.

Who said a disco ball had to be a ball? This cylindrical candle is a fun way to add disco to your space, also making for a great gift. The candle itself smells of sea salt, bamboo and wild fig.

How we wish these grew in the wild, but you can pick these up at Walmart. The mushroom decor come in two sizes, from small to large, so you can get a complete set for your space.

Act fast and you can turn your Christmas tree into a New Year’s Eve one and prolong the holiday cheer. The disco tree topper also comes in rainbow for a more psychedelic take.

Cheers! These disco ball cups are a great party favor, coming in a pack of six for all your disco-loving friends. They also come with pink straws and a spill-proof stopper to ensure the party never stops.

Decorate your tree with disco this year! Or, use these 36 mini disco balls all over your home for a non-stop disco party all year long.

Combine nature and metallics with this retro hanging planter. Sold at Urban Outfitters, the planer comes with a chain as well as the disco vessel that can hold a 6-by-5 plant.

Don’t let a squished disco ball stop the party! Instead, embrace this fun and funky trend in your home decor with an oblong disco sculpture that all your friends will rave about.

Bring the disco on the go! These fun car charms can dangle on your dashboard or serve as a key chain so you never lose your keys again.

A disco ball for just $5? Now that puts us in a groovy mood! The six-inch ball is sold at Five Below, while supplies last.

No matter where you go, disco is always the way to go. This decorative globe is a perfect way to add some pizzazz to your desk or home office, or serving as a great gift for a coworker.

Get your drink on with a fun and sparkly stirrer. The 48-pack is just $22 on Amazon, shipping in time for your New Year’s Eve party if you act fast.

If you do have a crafty side and want to disco-fy something else not on this list, now you can. The mirror tiles are sold on Amazon now, with self-adhesive backs for easy crafting.

Turn yourself into a life-sized disco ball with this dress from & Other Stories. The mirror tiles sparkle just like the real deal and can be styled over a slip or some fun lingerie.

Be the dancing queen at the next party, twirling in gold, silver, white and purple. This chainmail-style dress can also be layered for a night out, as it does leave little to the imagination.

We won’t embellish — this dress is a showstopper. The disco ball dress is a strapless number, with added silver details that help to sparkle in the light and shine at your next party.

We all love a two-piece set. This disco-inspired skirt and shirt pairing comes in four colors, including gold and rainbow as well as a more colorful aqua and shimmering brown.

These boots are made for more than just walking. These dancing boots look like real life disco balls, made with a sequined pattern that screams disco.

Disco ball drop earrings just make sense. These dangly earrings catch the light ever so elegantly, adding sparkle to your outfit from NYE and onward into the new year.

Forget diamonds; sequins are a girl’s best friend. This bedazzled purse combines the 90’s and 2000’s trend of the sparkly bag with the current TikTok sensation for a disco bag that does it all.

Betsey Johnson is known for show-stopping pieces, and these sparkly boots are no exception. The knee-highs come in all-over silver sparkles, adding a disco feeling to your look.

This really nails the disco trend! The press-on nails are actually semi-cured gel, making for a long-lasting and almost instant gel manicure when cured under a UV light at home.

Really, what’s a disco ball if not just a sparkling ball of fun? Add that inspiration to your makeup look with the viral Lemonhead glitter, used on the sparkling show “Euphoria.”

23 disco ball decor and fashion trends to shop for 2023

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