INFINITY3-1 – A cooled model microscope camera : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

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INFINITY3-1 – A cooled model microscope camera : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

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The INFINITY3-1 camera from Lumenera is intended for a range of different scientific applications. Cooled models are perfect in low-light conditions and where a high dynamic range is a must.

With on-board processing and a resolution of 1392 × 1040, these cameras offer excellent image quality and value for industrial and scientific imaging applications. A USB 2.0 digital interface is used to transmit uncompressed images for still image capturing and live streaming video.

A hardware- and software-based synchronization trigger is also available as an option. To aid with frame buffering, on-board memory is available. The INFINITY3-1 is available in color, as well as OEM form factors, including board-level and custom enclosures.

The INFINITY3-1 comes with INFINITY ANALYZE software for advanced camera control, measuring and annotation, image processing, and INFINITY CAPTURE - an intuitive user interface that includes all of the basic features needed to control an INFINITY camera and capture images. Color product models are also available.

An experienced team of application engineers and software developers are on hand to offer support for all Lumenera products. Teledyne Lumenera is available to assist users with the integration and development as they are aware of their imaging demands.

Camera Settings. Source: Teledyne Lumenera

Camera Controls. Source: Teledyne Lumenera

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INFINITY3-1 – A cooled model microscope camera : Get Quote, RFQ, Price or Buy

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