The best recliners for seniors in 2024 | Popular Science

Sit back and relax on comfortable recliners (whether you're a senior or not). These chairs will lift spirits and bodies.

Ashley is one of the most trusted furniture brands, and this recliner is a perfect example of why. Electric Chairs For Seniors

The best recliners for seniors in 2024 | Popular Science

This is a moderately simple recliner with a clean look and essential mobility options.

If you want to save some money and still get a plush power lift chair, this is where you’ll start.

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Some of us aren’t seniors, and some of us are. But we’re all aging in some way—and since we’re aging, we might need a little help getting back up out of our recliners. This is why most comfy chairs for seniors are some sort of electric recliner with lift mechanisms. These lifts help get occupants to their feet without slipping and falling and being forced to make a phone call to EMS or the one adult child who still lives in town and is strong enough to lift Dad off the floor. Personal experiences aside, these are the best recliners for seniors for that type of situation, and avoiding it.

Choosing the best recliners for seniors starts with ensuring that each choice has options for mobility. A regular recliner chair just won’t cut it when aging begins to take its toll. Features like power lifts, massage options, and heat are prominent options in these recliners. We searched for recliners with these features, taking price and customer reviews into account. We also asked our elderly parent—not mom as she’s still very active, but the old man, who struggles to get up from a wooden chair.

As our bones begin to grind and we turn into our grandparents, yelling at clouds while using our snowblowers for the elderly or talking about how few nickels it used to cost to buy a tank of gas, we can look forward to ending the day sinking into a senior-friendly recliner and just resting our eyes for a minute. And, as technology advances, so does our furniture. With more power options and even embedded cup holders, modern recliners have plenty to offer seniors. Sitting might not be exciting, but these recliners are more than just boring chairs; they are butt-focused relaxing experiences that help you stand up and massage your frayed nerves. These recommendations are based on picking the best options from a product market that increases in volume yearly.

The Ashley Signature Design Yandel Series lift recliner for seniors comes in black or brown, with a $200 price difference (the brown is more expensive). Regardless, this is a very sturdy chair for the price and weight. At only 122 pounds, it’s much easier for our elders to shove into the perfect spot in the TV room so the kids don’t get a call to come over and move a chair nine inches on a Saturday night. The faux leather stands up to spills and dogs, avoiding the cost of restoring actual leather.

And of course, since this is the best recliners for seniors, this is a chair with a built-in system that lifts and tilts forward for easy get-up-and-go. It also has an independent recline for your back and legs so that you can use one or both. The only real downside is that the controls aren’t integrated into the chair, residing in a corded remote plugged into the chair.

Between the affordable price, low product weight, and lean, simple look, this chair easily tops this list. Though note, obviously, the Ashley Signature Design Yandel Series lift recliner requires electricity, so be sure to park it near an outlet.

Sleep, sit, or stand with the Lark Manor Vegan Leather Power Lift Assist Recliner available at Wayfair. So why is this a splurge recliner when it’s not pure leather? Because this is the kind of chair you sink into and disappear into a world of relaxation. Sure, it’s nearly $1,200, but you’re paying for a nearly four-foot-wide remote power recliner with individually pocketed coil seating with cool gel-infused memory foam. That’s right; your elderly parents are going to call you every night to let you know how cool their butts are. 

If this recliner had a drawback for seniors, it would be the remote control instead of a control panel. But it’s a small complaint, especially since it still has a USB charging port. Both sides of the chair have a chair-length pocket, and its tall back and huge seat will ensure no matter your size, you’ll be comfortable. 

And naturally, if you have mobility issues, the power-lift feature will assist with standing and relaxing. If you don’t mind spending a bit more for extra recliner square footage, then the Lark Manor Vegan Leather Power Lift Assist Recliner is the chair for the senior in your life.

It can be a bit difficult to find a modern recliner for seniors that stands out in its overall aesthetic, but the Signature Design by Ashley Markridge comes as close as possible. Unlike many poofy, bulky brown and black recliners, this one is a tad more utilitarian. But this simplicity in design is what makes it stand out. And while it comes in brown, the gray sets it apart as a very adaptable chair for your interior design scheme. 

What’s neat about this chair (and yes, neat) is that it has a battery backup. So if the power goes out for any reason, a few 9-volt batteries serve as the emergency lift motor. And you know if there’s anyone with 9-volt batteries still laying around, it’s seniors. The chair does come in a bit small in the sea of recliners, so if your legacy involves basketball trophies, this probably isn’t the right chair. 

Regardless, there’s a pocket for accessories and crossword puzzles, a one-touch remote for easy lift, and adjustable positions. And the clean design of the Signature Design by Ashley Markridge makes it a perfect side piece for any room of the house.

The CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner has a solid iron base that provides a strong lift mechanism. It’s built for the big and tall, with 42 inches of depth and width. And it doesn’t stop with its girth, as it tacks on as many options as possible to really get those big and tall muscles humming with relaxation. A multi-function remote powers lumbar heating, eight massage points, and five massage modes. This is one of those recliners in the middle of the mall that you might fall asleep in while your kids beg for more money. 

But for seniors, it adds the lift option at the push of a button, relieving force on your back and knees as you stand up. This is, after all, the main purpose of these types of recliners. If not for the lift function, this would be a different list, and you’d be better off with an office chair.

But let’s talk about the cup holders. You might not see the cup holders in the product images because they aren’t there until they are. The armrest panels open up like one of those shoe drawers, and bam, there’s the cup holders. At least one review mentioned that the fold-out cup holders might get stuck upon initial use but should loosen up with every cup of herbal tea that needs a home. With all its features and large surface area, the CANMOV Large Power Lift Recliner is built for all sizes to enjoy.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, but what’s better than a recliner for seniors that lifts and reclines? How about one with a little pocket on the side to keep your TV remote, along with built-in cup holders? That’s what the Latitude Run Demaio at Wayfair offers. The microfiber material is scratch-, stain-, UV-, and tear-resistant, so you can place it in the perfect sunny spot and sip beverages with no worries. A single motor powers the lift mechanism, enabling anyone with standing issues the assistance needed to get going.

But let’s talk about additional features for a sub-$500 recliner for seniors. There’s a pocket. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s great for storing Reader’s Digest magazines and snacks. And it has not one, but two cup holders for doubling fisting Ensure and a Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

There’s no remote; instead, there’s a button panel embedded in the chair with a USB charging port. So that’s right, Dad, you can charge your phone and troll Facebook without even getting up to use your Dell PC running Windows Vista. For its price and features, the Latitude Run Demaio is a lift recliner that will fit in any living room and provide the best value.

The market for recliners is stacked. When looking for specific types, like lift recliners, you’ll want to focus on a few different things to narrow down the field:

Recliner motors come in three different types: none, single-motor, and dual-motor. Obviously, with no motor there’s no lift or motorized recline. A single-motor powers everything, including the backrest, footrest, seat, lift, and any massage options. This usually means you’ll have limited control over individual parts, but they are a bit less expensive. Dual-motor recliners use separate motors for the back and seat-raiser options. These are perfect for elderly folk as they provide plenty of reclining and lift positions.

Think about cleaning and how difficult you want it to be when selecting a recliner. Leather recliners are the most expensive, difficult to maintain, and very durable. Fabric and mixed textile recliners are comfortable and come in numerous color and butt-feel options. There are also plenty of faux leather options for the look of leather at a fraction of the cost.

With lift recliners, you’ll want to ensure they have at least that mobility feature. Outside of that, does the recliner have a remote control for the lift or buttons on the side? Does it recline and kick out the footrest independently? How about massage options, heat, or cup holders? Pockets on the side? Decide what you want in a recliner, and look for one with the options to provide ultimate relaxation.

The government considers recliners durable medical equipment (DME) for things like arthritis and other mobility issues. This means that lift chairs and other recliners are often at least partially covered by Medicare insurance. So, if you have Medicare, it’d be wise to check if the recliner you are about to purchase is reimbursable through insurance.

Absolutely. Since recliners are designated DME, meaning the medical community considers them good for your health. And lift recliners are essential for those dealing with balance and mobility issues, as they help them stand out of their chair easily, while not removing the relaxing comfort of sitting in a recliner.

Many doctors recommend recliners for back pain, as they are designed to relieve pressure. Going a bit further, some doctors might advise patients to sleep in a recliner to assist with back pain, sleep apnea, and other health issues.

A lift chair is a type of recliner that uses a motorized lift to assist with standing. A basic recliner without a lift function is just a basic recliner.

There are challenges as we get old, and it’s telling that every recliner on this list is also a lift chair. It’s just as difficult sometimes to accept help when your body starts to give in to the passage of time. However, with these chairs being recliners first and foremost, with lifting just one of many options, it kind of lightens the effects of realizing that things don’t work like they used to. And even if you aren’t elderly, having a lift chair around for when your elders visit isn’t a terrible idea, especially when it’s a comfortable recliner with massage options or at least cupholders.

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The best recliners for seniors in 2024 | Popular Science

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