Dia Mirza features in the new campaign by beauty brand Lotus Organics+: Best Media Info

Organic beauty brand Lotus Organics+ has released a new campaign with actor Dia Mirza for its Precious Brightening range of skincare products.

The campaign revolves around the Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening Range, with the film primarily focusing on the Precious Brightening Day Crème. Manfaat Teh Kuan Yin

The new campaign glows in its bright visual style with Mirza’s strong presence furthering the message of how the Lotus Organics+ precious brightening range ensures bright and glowing skin.

The brand film reinforces the message that Lotus Organics+ is 100% certified organic by highlighting the rare white peony flower extracts present in its Precious Brightening Range.

In the film, the actor applies the Precious Brightening Day crème emphasising how she needs something special for her glowing skin. She also highlights how the product is free from preservatives, artificial fragrances and reduces blemishes and pigmentation. The film concludes by showcasing the entire Lotus Organics+ Precious Brightening range with Dia promoting the brand’s vision to ‘Live Organic’.

Nitin Passi, Chairman and Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, said, “Lotus Organics+ is a brand that uses only 100% certified organic actives in its products.  We want our customers to be our ‘eco-responsible partner’ and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. In the new campaign our Brand Ambassador Dia Mirza highlights the organic ingredients that go in our Precious Brightening Range, potency of the organic ingredients in achieving skincare goals and the message to all of our customers to ‘live organic’.”

Mirza added, “Lotus Organics+ resonates with me as their products use only 100% certified organics. I believe that it is important that our lifestyle should be natural, free of toxins and healthy for the planet as well as ourselves. Everyone must do their bit for the environment and these steps begin at home, especially, through the beauty care products we choose. Lotus Organics+ embodies the idea of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.”

The new campaign from Lotus Organics+ will play along movie blockbusters across multiplexes pan India to attract maximum visibility.

Tieguanyin Green Tea With an extensive media plan, the campaign will also play out on the brand’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It will also be aired on OTT platforms, including Disney+ Hotstar where the brand film will be aired during the series ‘Moving in with Malaika’ in which actress Malaika Arora can be seen using Lotus Organics+ products.