12 Cheap Planters and Flower Pots (Under $25!) at Amazon, Walmart

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And they're all available at either Amazon or Walmart! Planter Box

12 Cheap Planters and Flower Pots (Under $25!) at Amazon, Walmart

Spring is on the horizon, finally! If you're like us, you've spent the chilly past few months enjoying an indoor gardening kit or anxiously awaiting for your perennials to pop back up. But the new season means it's time for a refresh. Whether you're updating your living room plants or shopping for new plants to brighten up your space, early spring is the perfect time to spuce up your indoor and outdoor plants or repot plants that have gotten too big for their current planter.

Once you get the greens, you'll want to find something for your new plants to sit pretty in. Walmart and Amazon are loaded with options of modern, chic and functional planters and flower pots that don't break the bank. (If you're a plant parent, you've probably experienced sticker shock when shopping for planters!) We've rounded up picks that are priced at $25 or less, so you can repot and stay within your budget.

These affordable planters range in size and design and can be used for florals, succulents, houseplants and more. They range from warm Terracotta tones, to simple but trendy copper pottery, to a 14-inch planter for only $10 that can be home to your largest plants.

No matter the plants you're shopping for, there's a pick from Amazon or Walmart that will check the box without overspending. Your plants, and your wallet, will thank you!

The two-toned contrast of this planter is softened by a metallic stripe around the middle. You can opt for a classic black and white pairing or pick one of the soft pastel options depending on your home design. The planter also comes in three different sizes. And generally speaking, $15 is a steal for a ceramic planter!

This pick is great for a smaller plant or succulent. The planter is on the small side, at just 5.7-inches across and 4.1-inches high, so it's cute for your desk or nightstand. The gray cement tone easily blends with different colors schemes and decor styles.

You'll get two different sized pots with this $22 purchase. Each plant pot has four drainage holes on the bottom for proper watering and drainage care, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The speckled pattern adds a minimalistic detail that creates texture without being overwhelming to the eye.

Another set of two potters, this pick from Amazon features the warm clay tones of Terracotta and pairs it with soft white leaf designs. These flower pots are a great pick for succulents and come in 4.4-inch and 6.4-inch sizes.

For your larger plants, whether they're outside or inside, this planter (made of recycled resin) is 14 inches across and 10 inches tall. It also has knock-out drainage holes so you can control the water and air circulation for your greenery.

Add a metallic tone to your space with this 6-inch copper pot. It has a hammered look for some dimension. The bottom is solid so water won't leak out when you take care of your plants, but be sure not to use this for a plant that's prone to root rot.

This ceramic planter adds a pop of color that's soft and subtle, thanks to its blue Portuguese tile-inspired design. It has a drainage hole and plug at the bottom for easy watering, and is glazed, so it's durable enough for both indoor or outdoor use.

This ceramic pot comes with a modern wooden stand to keep it elevated and add some height variation in your planters. It's on the smaller side, so it's great for succulents or propagations.

Another elevated pot option, this unique Nordic design-inspired pick adds a bold blue hue to your room and is great for a table top. No matter what kind of plant you fill it with, it's an eye-catching piece.

These pots come in three different sizes and are great for your small desk or nightstand plants. You can pick from white, black or gold toned stands, and the pots themselves have different heights. The low price points mean you could even get a couple and keep them next to each other for a cohesive look.

This glazed ceramic pick has a hobnail textured exterior and features a drainage hole and plug at the bottom. It comes in four different sizes and a handful of pastels if you wanted to add a light pop of color.

With a sleek metallic finish, this iron planter has protective pads on the bottom so it won't scratch your table or shelves. It isn't designed to hold water, so if you're more of an artificial plant person, this is a great pick. Otherwise, it's a great vessel for plants that are still in their nursery pots.

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12 Cheap Planters and Flower Pots (Under $25!) at Amazon, Walmart

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